Friday, July 4, 2008

Islam and Internal Peace

We are living in an age of conflicts and tensions.Internal peace and happiness are really seeked for by many people.A human needs to live in tranquality,real tranquality that is perminent and not drug-induced.But fear of injust superior powers,failure,enemies and the endless chain of fears are the enemies of this tranquality.In Islam,believing in Allah and His Most High Names is the root of our faith.The fruits of this faith are innumerable.We are limited here to the subject of internal peace.The cure of all psychological problems springs of our faith that Allah is AlRahman "The All-Merciful". Whatever we are facing in our lives,we believe that Allah Al-Mighty is more kind to us than our own mothers.Can a mother throw her own baby into fire? Allah is more Merciful to us than our own mothers. Will He torture us if we are believers and faithful? Then let`s face our lives with internal peace as long as we believe that nobody and nothing can harm us."Praise be to Allah, who hath guided us to this (felicity):never could we have found guidance, had it not been for the guidance of Allah: Indeed it was the truth."

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